Bits, bytes, and blinkin’ lights.

  • Creating a Guest Network with a Tomato Router

    Here are my notes on how to portion off a guest wireless network for… you know, guests… if you have a router powered by the excellent Tomato third-party firmware. (I run Tomato RAF on a Linksys E4200.)

    It’s not meant to be an exhaustive guide, because there are a few already on the Internet. Rather this is how I...

  • Windows: Combat Evolved: a Halo Satire

    What would Microsoft’s Halo video game series be like if it involved Microsoft itself?

    The Introduction

    Halo tells the story of 26th century humanity, which has organized itself under the auspices of the United Nations Space Command (Microsoft). Humans are fighting a losing war against the Covenant (Apple), a theocratic collection of alien races that worship a long-dead alien...