My Stuff

I’m a regular contributor to open-source projects–but if the software I need doesn’t exist, I won’t hesitate to build it myself. Perhaps you’ll find my code useful, too.

  • A custom SMTP server that converts emails into notifications powered by Apprise.
  • Solves the notification problem for homelabs.
  • Avoids the headaches associated with running an Internet email relay.
  • Fully configurable routing and template logic.
  • 100K Docker Hub downloads.
  • An IPv6-first dynamic DNS client.
  • Simple, YAML-based configuration file.
  • Can update multiple hosts within the same prefix.
  • Automatic EUI64 address derivation.

Train Simulator Classic

I’m a contract developer for Dovetail Games, the makers of Train Simulator Classic, with a focus on US releases. My main job is writing the TypeScript (or Lua) code that simulates all of the unique subsystems on board the train. I also provide assistance with the physics and sound models when needed.

Long Island Rail Road: New York - Hicksville
  • Engine scripting for the Bombardier M7 EMU.
  • Cold and dark starts.
  • Cab signaling, alerter, ACSES.
  • Also see my performance improvement patch, which I have released as a post-retail mod.
  • Engine scripting for the Budd M3 EMU.
  • Cold and dark starts.
  • Cab signaling, alerter, ACSES.

I got my start on the platform as a modder. I am interested in making improvements to content that was released long ago, while creating open-source implementations that other modders can build off of.

Open NEC
  • A mod for most Train Simulator content released for the Northeast Corridor.
  • Realistic, completely rebuilt cab signaling and ACSES safety systems.
  • Small bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and realism tweaks.