Digital Goods

Sia Slice

A command-line tool to sync a block device to the Sia decentralized storage network, written with Python and asyncio. Intended for redundant, offsite, and low-cost ($1/TB/month!) storage of backups and archives. For more information, see the blog post.

SMTP Translator

A fake SMTP server that translates emails directly into Pushover notifications. Instead of replicating your Gmail password to every single entity that needs to send email notifications—be it your IP camera, WordPress install, or Linux box—you can set their SMTP server to and start getting notified via Pushover right away.


A Linux client, with headless and desktop versions, for the NiceHash GPU cryptocurrency mining marketplace. Sell the processing power of your Nvidia graphics cards for Bitcoin with ease, backed by a rock-solid operating system. Made with Python and wxWidgets.

Knowledge Seeker

A Frinkiac clone that serves screenshots and GIF’s from Avatar: the Last Airbender, a cartoon series I was once fond of. As with Frinkiac, you can search by the text of the DVD subtitles of each episode. Made with flask. (And don’t tell Viacom, or Netflix.)

(this website)

Let’s get this out of the way: All developers stand on the shoulders of giants! WordPress is my CMS, and the markup is generated by the Underscores skeleton theme. But otherwise, the styling is my own—clean, responsive, and ready for a mobile-first Internet.

On occasion, I also get to play sysadmin. This website rocks a VPS (courtesy of CrownCloud) running Ubuntu Server, LXD, and nginx.